Data analysis for software developers

Direct data-based decisions


Analyze any data set to exploit them to design better software products.

In only 5 intensive days, you will learn the tools, techniques and fundamental concepts of data science.During the program you will work a data problem obtaining experience and resources to design a data product.

The data scientist is one who has all analytical skills to be able to transform data into an intelligent product that generates value.

· A quien va dirigido:

This training is recommended for:

  • Companies that wish to develop analyzing your data
  • Developers who want to add an important skill in their career
  • Python developers who want to do more with language

· Pre-requirements:


  • Solid programming bases
  • Essential knowledge of mathematics
  • Know the development in Python
  • Knowledge in Statistics

· Content of the training:

  • Exploratory analysis of data and Design Thinking
  • Statistical methods and design of data products
  • Regression techniques
  • Classification and grouping techniques
  • Text processing
  • Series of time and graphs
  • Processing with Hadoop MapReduce / Hive / Pig
  • Data visualization
  • Apache Spark, Spark Streaming
  • Methods of evaluation of models and prototyping