Apply methods that allow you to create better software and functionalities that give satisfaction and value to users.Create elements of communication and acquire knowledge to be disciplined while developing them and at the same time transmitting your ideas.

Data science for developers

Create data-based products, analyze the market and make the right decisions, learn to use mathematical models that will allow you to face the challenges based on the immensity of the information available through different media: social networks, government and your own generation ofdata.

Development for mobile devices

We have been incorporating elements and great developers that allow us to offer quality training in areas such as mobile development, especially, talking about iOS and technological tendencies that exist today with respect to it, we want to invite you to the philosophy of MAKINGDEVS thatIt will allow you to develop for mobile devices.Mixing this with the learning schemes that we currently handle, we have managed to combine solutions in training that clearly distinguish us from others.

Elixir language

“Elixir is a dynamic and functional language designed to create scalable and easy to maintain applications.Elixir takes advantage Erlang VM, known for executing Low latency systems, distributed and fault tolerant, At the same time that it is used successfully in web development domains, integrated software, data ingestion and multimedia processing. "

Expert in Groovy

Have fun using a dynamic language in the JVM, it is more productive and opens new technological panoramas, takes advantage of the knowledge you have about the Java platform and is more expressive in the code you develop.

Expert in Springframework

Find all the elements necessary to create robust and well-designed applications on the Java platform using the Springframework tool suite;Learn from the essential to the SPRING subprojects that will allow you to solve virtually any business need.

Functional programming applied

“In a strict sense, functional programming defines a program as a mathematical function that converts entries into some outputs, without internal state or lateral effects.“Where there are very particular characteristics such as immutability, lack of references and absence of collateral effects, the recursion as main support and functions such as primitive data types.Nowadays the concepts and learning of the concepts of functional programming are essential to create highly scalable systems that allow a huge amount of processing.

Web development

Create better user experiences, learn to use JavaScript for many other things than you thought.Use tools that provide you with creating useful interactions and improve the experience with which users use your applications.