Productivity with grails.

Fullly exploits the JVM


We want you to develop applications with grails you can take advantage of all the knowledge existing on the Java platform, and that allows you to create software components

Deepening Grails To take advantage of your kindness is elementary if we want to increase our productivity, know different tools to solve the multiple problems that are presented in the day to day help a lot, and it is better, when we can use elements, APIs and components that already exist inThe Java ecosystem.Or, resume our knowledge of JavaScript and take them to the next level focusing only on what is necessary.

Adapt the application to make a more convenient deployment to our infrastructure will help for a timely delivery.Or, expose through REST our application to make it extendable through others that can consume it.

· Who is it directed:

We recommend this course if:

  • You want to increase your skills and knowledge using grails
  • You want to use technology you know within the JVM easier
  • You have applications / components with Spring that you want to integrate grails
  • You want to take your applications made with grails further, implementing well-made software elements ready for use.
  • Improve the performance of the database in a grails application.
  • Create enriched and dynamic grails applications

· Pre-requirements:


  • Know the MVC of GRAILS
  • Know the principles and philosophy of grails
  • Know the fundamental elements of REST
  • Using control investment and dependencies injection with SpringFramework
  • JavaScript and JQuery
  • Be aware of:
    • Quartz.
    • Compass
    • JMS.
    • Liquibase
    • Springframework
    • Spring Mail.
    • Spring Security.
  • Transaction Management with Springframework
  • Use of a construction system such as: Maven or Ant

· Training content:

  • Gorm in depth
    • Debugging and Performance Techniques
    • Transactions
  • Improving the application with AJAX
  • Use of plugins
    • Post Shipping
    • Text-based search
    • Calendarization
    • Messaging with JMS
    • Security
    • Migration.
  • Configuration in grails
    • Externalizing Config.Groovy configuration
    • Configuration for the construction of the project
  • REST architectures with grails
    • XML and JSON Answers
    • Web Services REST
  • Asynchronous programming
    • Promises
    • Asynchronous Gorm.
    • Asynchronous handling of the request
  • Integration with Spring
    • Configuring Spring Beans
    • Namespaces Spring