Productivity with Groovy.

The worst thing that can happen to you is make you more productive


We want to take you to the next level of productivity, because here you will learn elements that will help you make scripting or integrate ecosystem tools Groovy to your current Java / Groovy projects in a simpler way.

We want you to know much better the Groovy ecosystem, this is why we have taken the elements that are used more frequently, either in conventional Java applications, or in applications that simply have to consume Web Services and show a result in a simple way.

Thus, we have set these tools that will help you effectively develop what you need, sometimes just making a script and so many by creating Groovy elements within your applications.

· Who is it directed:

This training is widely recommended for developers:

  • That they find Groovy as a productive impulse tool.
  • They want to face everyday problems with scripts that can solve them.
  • They wish to implement tests on their developments and have little time to do so.
  • They wish to know much better the benefits of JVM.
  • They wish to consume web services in a simpler way.
  • They want to make fast and effective web applications.

· Pre-requirements:


  • SEPA GROOVY Syntax
  • Know the use of closures
  • Know Web programming with Java based on Servlets
  • Know use the tools provided by the JDK
  • Get to know the handling of files, database and XML handling with Java
  • Know the handling and programming of threads with java
  • Know the use of JUNIT or TESTNG as Frameworks test
  • Has created some application with swing

· Training content:

  • GDK -File management
    • Reading and creation of XML
    • Reading and creation of JSON
    • Manipulation of databases
    • Applications with swing
  • Dynamic programming
    • MOP.
    • Groovy Object.
    • Intercepting methods
    • Injection of methods
    • Synthesis of methods
  • Use of annotations and AST
    • Code generation transformations
    • Class design annotations
    • Logging improvements
    • Cloning and outsourcing
    • Safe scripting
  • Testing (testing) with Groovy
    • Unit Testing.
    • Stubs and Mocks
    • Testing with Spockframework
  • Elements of parallelization
    • Processing of concurrent collections
    • Map / Filter / Reduce
    • Actors
    • Concurrence
    • Applying the concepts
  • Consumption of Web Services with Groovy
    • Rest with jsonslurper
    • SOAP service consumption
    • Concurrence and WebServices
  • Web Development with Groovy
    • Groovy Templates.
    • Groovlets
    • Introduction to Micronaut