Application design with Spring

Everything starts with a good design


Our goal is for you to know the essential elements to start creating solid applications and using the multiple existing SPRING subprojects.

The creation of business applications is one of the most demanding activities today.Having the essential principles to implement solid architectures is fundamental.The concepts of ** Investment of Control and Injection of Dependencies ** Help to sustainably develop any type of application, this is why we focus on presenting a series of practices and elements that allow you to adopt the knowledge to start using them throughof Springframework

Additionally, the Evolution of Spring of the hand of the industry has allowed us to adapt the current needs with the use of the framework, being Spring one of the most requested technological tools in the development of software for the Java platform.

· Who is it directed:

This training is widely recommended for:

  • Java developers who want to create business applications
  • If you want to know and implement IOC and di through Spring
  • You want to develop solid and sustainable applications
  • Developers who know Spring and want to dominate and update with the concepts of the new versions of the Framework
  • Implement aspects-oriented programming

· Pre-requirements:


  • Know the Java language:
    • Compilation
    • Structure
    • Packages
  • understand well the concepts of interface implementation
  • Know a tool for automatic construction
  • Handling of the Eclipse IDE
  • Know the dynamic language Groovy

· Training content:

    • Modules in Spring
    • Application design (interface oriented)
  • Investment of Control and Dependency Injection
  • Spring container
    • Beans Statement
    • Injection by constructor
    • Injections by Setter
    • Wiring.
    • Life cycle of the beans
    • APPCTX and Beanfactory
  • APPCTX configuration
    • Configuration with XML
      • Namespaces
    • Configuration with annotations
    • Configuration with Javaconfig
    • Configuration with Groovy
  • Spring Expression Language
  • Programming-oriented aspects
    • Essential concepts
      • joinpoint.
      • Pointcut
      • Expressions
    • Declare aspects with annotations
      • Annotation support with aspectj
      • Declaration of aspects (Advice)
      • Before
      • After
      • After returning
      • After throwing
      • Around