Programming with Haskell.

Haskell is a purely functional advanced programming language


An open source product of more than twenty years of avant-garde research, allows a rapid development of solid, concise and correct software.

Functional programming is a paradigm of computer programming that is based on modeled functions in mathematical functions.The essence of functional programming is that programs are a combination of expressions.Expressions include concrete, variable values and also functions.The functions have a more specific definition: they are expressions that apply to an argument or input, and once applied, they can be reduced or evaluated.In Haskell, and in functional programming more generally, the functions are first class: they can be used as values or go as arguments or entries to more functions.

In this training we offer you directly understand this paradigm, thank you this you can understand the hidden power of other programming languages, including the one you are using at this time, however, you can be able to solve problems with another approach, have options atMoment of designing the solution to software problems and adopting new programming languages that are based on ML.

· Who is going:

This training is recommended for developers:

  • Programmers who want to know another paradigm of programming
  • Developers who want to take their career to a new level
  • Programmers who are thinking of adopting another strongly typical programming language
  • People who want to know the power of the lambda calculation

· Pre-requirements:


  • Management of a text editor
  • Have previous experience in any programming language
  • Learn more about a programming language
  • Have experience in more than one programming paradigm

· Training content:

  • Introduction to the lambda calculation
  • Introduction to Haskell
  • Strings
  • basic data types
  • Types
  • Type classes
  • Functional patterns
  • Recursion
  • Lists
  • Management of lists
  • Algebraic data types
  • Project construction (Stack)
  • Testing.
  • Semigrupo Monoide.
  • Functor
  • Application
  • cute
  • Fucking and Traverassable
  • Reader
  • State
  • Parser Combinators
  • Compound types
  • Basic libraries Io.