Applications distributed with Vert.x

Here begins the construction of reactive applications for JVM


With Vert.x You can distribute the power of the JVM along a cluster, even you can choose the language in which you want to develop, you can start your application in different physical places.

Scalable, polyglot, general purpose and non-restrictive, as well as fun.It is handled by events and not blocker, this means that your application can handle a lot of competition using a small number of kernel threads, which is reflected in scaling with little hardware.You can occupy Java, Kotlin, Javascript, Groovy, Ruby and Scala, including mixing them, none is better for Vert.x.

It is extremely flexible, you can make network utilities, sophisticated web applications, microservices, high volume processing, in all of them, vert.x fits well.

· A quien va dirigido:

This training is recommended for developers:

  • Developers and companies that work with JVM, who want:
    • Create real-time web applications
    • Distribute Microservicios throughout a network
    • Massive processing of data
    • Handle low level hardware
    • Take full advantage of your infrastructure hardware

· Pre-requirements:


  • Management of a text editor
  • Know the Java language essentially
  • Learn about web development with HTML and JavaScript
  • Know the object-oriented programming
  • Meeting Alone Other Language such as Kotlin, JavaScript, Groovy, Ruby or Scala
  • Before used SOCKJS
  • Know the model of actors
  • Having previously used Hazelcast
  • Know the internal elements of the JVM

· Training content:

  • Introduction to Vert.x.
  • Development of a web application with Vert.x
    • Servers
  • Integration with databases
  • Real-time communication
    • Events
  • Modules and polyglot development
  • Reuse and modules of Vert.x
    • Verticles design
  • Climb a vert.x application
    • Clustering
  • Springframework integration with Vert.x
  • Monitoring with Shell
  • Design of applications with the actors model