Agility for software developers

Techniques, principles and values


We want you to push your way to be a software professional.

This training gives you the best foundations about agile culture. You will be able to know and feel first-hand the experience of the values of software professionals; Through various exercises and practices we will offer you the experience of the elements that make up a very different way of working and thinking to carry out software projects.

We will clarify all the doubts and myths regarding the agile culture, and we will give you the tools so that you can continue on your way by yourself, as well as, take it to the organization where you work, in order for you to become an agent of change within the software industry.

· Who is it addressed to:

This training is widely recommended for:

  • Software developers wanting to improve their work
  • Freelance programmers who need to get organized
  • Organizations that want to improve their development area
  • Development groups that have internal conflicts and wish to resolve them
  • Development / systems managers who want to find a way to improve software development

· Pre-requirements:

You really don’t need anything, if you are an experienced or novice developer this training will be very useful for you.

· Training content:

  • Analysis of the current state of software culture
  • predictability
  • Incremental iterative development
  • Agility
    • Agile manifesto.
  • ScrumFramework
  • Artifacts
    • Meetings
    • Roles
    • Time Boxes
    • Metrics
  • Agile equipment
    • Integration
  • Agile products
    • Product definition
    • Panorama.
    • Realities
  • Planning agile products
    • User Stories.
  • Estimation
  • Execution