The topics you never saw at school

Agility for software developers

We want you to push your way to be a software professional.

Applications distributed with Vert.x

With Vert.x You can distribute the power of the JVM along a cluster, even you can choose the language in which you want to develop, you can start your application in different physical places.

Containers for software developers

Infrastructure How code, it is a practice that you must add to your skills.

Designing software with TDD and ATDD

extremeProgramming It is obsessed with feedback, and in software development, good feedback requires good tests.

Mathematics for software developers

Learn you some math for a great good.

Object-oriented software design

We want you to develop with a dynamic language, which, you can use use in current or future developments and give you productivity bonuses for you and your team.

Techniques and methods of continuous integration

Create a rate of productivity in software development.