Web applications with Spring

The most flexible Framework in Java to create WebApps


You will develop web applications with Java that will allow you to focus on the business functionality that organizations need.

Currently, the demand for web applications is growing, and it is more even when we want them to be stable, solid and extensible.Spring Through its Framework MVC provides a simple and consistent programming model to create functionality of any kind. In this training you will get the necessary knowledge to create web applications with Java and Spring, and provide an elegant design for your applications and outputs in the most common formats that can be applied to meet a functionality.

· Who is it directed:

This training is recommended for developers:

  • Developers who want to make web applications with Java
  • Spring developers who want to integrate business services or data access.
  • If you want to use multiple output formats such as Excel, PDF or Reports.
  • You want to develop web applications consistently and take advantage of the knowledge of the framework.

· Pre-requirements:


  • Know the concepts of Di E IOC in Spring
  • Know a tool for automatic construction
  • Know the servlet API
  • Know some servlet container: tomcat or jetty
  • Having developed JSP and used some tag bookcase
  • Access to data and transactions with Spring
  • Use of the Eclipse IDE
  • Know asprese-oriented programming
  • HAVE Used Apache Poi APIs and / or Jasper Reports
  • CSS knowledge and JavaScript is highly recommended

· Training content:

  • Essential elements of the MVC
  • Architecture of the SPRING MVC applications
    • Request Life Cycle
    • The DispatcherServlet
      • HandlerMapping
      • ViewResolver
      • Handler Interceptors
  • SPRINGMVC essential configuration
    • Using NameSpace MVC from SpringMVC
    • Using the MVC Java Config
  • Views and Controllers
    • Controllers Statement
    • Using @RequestMapping and Uri Templates
      • Parameter capture - @RequestParam
      • Models and Attributes - @MoDelattribute
  • Handling for forms
    • FormController implementation
    • Spring MVC tags
    • Validations
    • Elements in Session - @sessionattributes
    • Use of @initbinder
    • Upload of files (multipartresolver)
  • Internationalization and themes
    • Internationalization: LocateResolver and LocalChangeInterceptor
    • Decoration: Themeresolver and ThemechangeInterceptor
    • Cross visual design
  • Management of errors in the application
    • By Controller (@ExceptionResolver)
    • Use of handlerexceptionresolver
  • Generation of other views
    • Documents in PDF
    • Integration with jasperreports
    • Excel documents