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We want you to know the elements that will allow you to escalate an application and take advantage of the knowledge you have with Spring.

As developers of the Java platform it is important to know elements such as: the management of remote services, the use of JMS, the sending of emails, the calendarization of tasks, the cache asbrtractions, among others, which are part of the components offered by JEE.

Spring provides very simple elements for the handling of such exposed components, which are handled through classes and interfaces;In addition to the reuse of Beans defined by you with Spring in other layers of the application.

In this training, we want you to know the elements that will make you take advantage of the knowledge you have from Spring even more.

· Who is it directed:

This training is widely recommended for:

  • Developers who want to know the use of JMS
  • Consume elements of an application server
  • Implement the handling of remote services
  • Telling processes that consume Spring Services
  • Create components to send emails
  • You want to develop services-oriented components

· Pre-requirements:


  • Get to know the IOC and DI implemented with Spring in its most common forms
  • Know of data access and transaction management
  • SEPA Implement the AOP with the Spring API
  • Be aware of the creation of a web application with Spring and the use of the Spring Container in a servlet
  • Know the configuration parameters for the handling of a mail account
  • Essential knowledge of WebServices REST and SOAP
  • SEPA OF JMS Applications
  • Know the need to schedule processes

· Training content:

  • Spring Mail
  • WebSockets
  • Deployment on application servers
    • JNDI
  • JMS
    • Based on annotations
    • Based on the Namespace XML
  • AMQP
  • WebServices with CXF
    • Implementation
    • Consumption
  • RestTemplate -Execution of tasks and co-accounting -With declarative XML and with Namespace
    • With annotations