Essential elements for web development with JavaScript

Avoid important confusions when programming in JavaScript


You will know the most important elements of JavaScript to implement functionalities enriched in web applications in a structured and proven way.

Currently, the demand for web applications requires creating elements that are dynamic, and much of this work should occur on the client side.This is why the emergence of bookstores and Micro Frameworks Javascript has been increasing. We want to show based on our experience the way in which you can take advantage of the use of various tools that can be implemented in an elegant and ordered way the solutions that are required on the client side.

· Who is it directed:

This training is widely recommended for:

  • Web Developers wishing to integrate JavaScript
  • Developers who wish to implement better functionalities in Web applications
  • Developers interested in knowing and deepening JQuery use
  • Test functionality made for web components
  • Start structuring web applications properly

· Pre-requirements:


  • Experience in the use of basic HTML
  • Management of a text editor
  • Experience in some dynamic programming language

· Training content:

  • Essential HTML Concepts
    • Introduction
    • HTML5 The new standard
    • Elements in HTML documents
    • Points to consider
  • Essential concepts of CSS3
    • Introduction
    • Media Queries
      • Syntax
      • Media Features
    • Selectors.
  • Essential concepts of JavaScript
    • Grammar
    • Objects
    • Functions
    • Arrays.
  • Gruntjs as an element of self-recording
  • BOWER as a dependencies manager
  • jQuery.
    • Basic elements of jQuery
    • More jQuery Selectors
    • Administering the selection of elements
    • Manipulating DOM elements
    • Using effects
    • Working with events
    • Using templates for data
    • Elements of use of AJAX
    • Intensive use of AJAX
    • Work with forms
  • Testing applications with Jasmine
  • Twitter Bootstrap.