Application construction with Grade

This is the beginning of automation


We want you to step on your software development process a tool that helps you automate the construction of your applications in a simple but powerful way.

The process of automatic construction has evolved, and Grade is the tool adopted by the new paradigms to create software effectively.

With Gradle, the construction, the testing, the publication, the deployment and much of the software packaging, or other types of projects such as websites of static content generated, the documentation and any element that is within the development process of aSoftware project

Gradle is a tool used by teams that create very recognized software such as Android, Groovy, Grails, LinkedIn, Hibernate, Spring, among some others.

· Who is it directed:

We recommend this course if:

  • You are a Java developer that you want to automate the process of building your applications
  • You want to integrate Groovy or Scala to your software projects
  • You want to start with the continuous integration process
  • You want to implement automated software tests
  • You are Maven or Ant user and you want to know the following generation of construction software

· Pre-requirements:


  • Get to know a text editor
  • Know Use the command line
  • Know the use of basic commands to manipulate files and directories
  • Experience with dynamic language Groovy
  • Used some construction tool like Ant or Maven
  • Know of automated construction
  • Know the essential elements for continuous integration
  • Know of the administration of dependencies

· Training content:

  • Essential elements of the software construction process
  • Elemental Concepts of Grade
  • Creation of scripts with gradle
  • Resource Management: Files, Project Properties, Logs
  • The Gradle Wrapper
  • Use of gradle in Java projects
  • Adjusting Layouts from your project with Gradle
  • Administration of dependencies and repositories
  • Test management with JUNIT
  • Integration with Maven infrastructure
  • Building Multi-Projects
  • Creating projects with Groovy and Java
  • Jenkins and Grade